In house Counsel Service

We offer solutions for companies with no in-house legal counsel. With our services, such companies are able to participate in the market knowing they can rely on a team of lawyers who are looking after their interests, while achieving significant savings.


This service includes (i) a phase in process, for purposes of understanding  the company’s participation in the market, how it distributes its goods and services, its corporate structure, the way in which it establishes relationships with vendors and its workforce, among others; (ii) the design of a secure online site for each client to be managed by us, which contains all the necessary tools, templates and legal guidelines for the client’s employees to have immediate access to information, allowing a significant reduction of the costs involved; (iii) agreeing on response times and service levels with each client to ensure that our response is always timely and appropriate; (iv) various tools for clients to obtain online reports on the manner our firm is rendering its services; and (v) the designated lawyers of our firm who will address the clients’ requests.


Contact us if you want more information on this service.


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